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We here at EMac's Tactical are proud to partner ourselves with Mammoth Nation! The largest Conservative and Veteran owned Market Place in The United States of America. Becoming a Mammoth Nation Member has several benefits, the 2 most important to you of them:

1, As a Mammoth Nation Member, you will receive exclusive discounts on specific products from us here at EMac's Tactical.

2, A percentage of your purchase is sent to a non profit that exclusively helps those who gave up everything for us, the Veterans of this Great Nation.

**How to get started?**

It's quite simple really, all you need do is:

1, Go to EMac's Tactical Shop's exclusive Mammoth Nation Link

2, Join the Conservative Marketplace.

3, Once you have signed up, come back and fill out this form below 

***IMPORTANT*** To confirm you are a Mammoth Nation Member, please add in the "code" that is given to you upon signing up with Mammoth Nation within the Question/Comment Section***IMPORTANT***

4, Within 24 hours, you will have access to your exclusive discounts. In the "Question/Comment" section. Please let us know you are signed up with Mammoth Nation. We will then confirm, and you will be all set.